Synergy is described as the cooperation of two or more parts to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  When a goose fly’s by itself, it tends to travel between twenty and thirty miles per hour. A flock of geese traveling in a V formation, however, travels seventy one percent faster.  Much like geese, people in a board room can greatly benefit from the tools and expertise of coworkers.  In fact at 8150 High Altitude Entrepreneurs, using the help and advice of others has proven to be highly effective.

When walking into the 8150 boardroom, one can begin to understand exactly what makes the High Altitude Entrepreneurs such an effective group.  Inside the boardroom, one can expect to find a highly diverse and qualified group of individuals who are dedicated to the start-up community.  At one end of the table, highly experienced Doug Clayton can be seen ticking away on a mac-book.  Doug’s specialty- technology.    Doug is just one tool at 8150, and brings technology expertise.  Many others  contribute unique and valuable information; the board room is a place where entrepreneurs help each other.

To the left of Doug, MBA and attorney Brad Bickerton can be seen helping others curate ideas.  Brad brings highly valuable consulting information to the table, as well as extensive knowledge of law. Brads ‘get it done’ attitude and impressive background make him extremely valuable to 8150. All around the table, individuals offer unique and specialized skill sets.  Because of this, the interactions at 8150 are highly productive.

When a meeting starts, Doug begins what the group calls the Matrix- an often comical yet effective system for keeping track of individual progress.  The Matrix has the name of each individual in one column, with a weekly task in another column.  A third column states either WIN or FAIL based on whether or not that week’s task was accomplished.  Starting at the top and working down the Matrix, it is easy to see why 8150 is so productive. The Matrix holds people accountable.  8150 does not just keep track of progress; however, it also gives entrepreneurs the resources necessary to accomplish their own tasks.

The functionality of 8150 and the Matrix has developed unique social aspects as well.  Mutual respect and teamwork is the recipe for success and cooperation around the board room table.  When there is a ‘FAIL’ on the matrix, one can expect to see friendly teasing. Brad’s sarcasm is waiting around every corner, and cheesy jokes are nothing rare.  All contribute to a positive environment where new ideas are shared and entrepreneurs have every resource they could need in order to be successful. Innovative ideas are curated, and laughs can be heard all around the room.


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