Show Notes Jan 21st

Tonight we talked about:

Google Webmaster tools
If you have a Gmail account and a website you can login and add your site and get an inside view of how Google handles your indexes, sitemaps, crawler errors and how often google updates your site. It’s like Google Analytics but not as much data about visitors. More about your site’s health.


On the Social Media front we demoed:

Social Media queueing. Get all your tweets, facebook posts and linked in posts done in one seating. Just queue up your posts and it will spread the engagement on a schedule so it looks like you have a social media team.

This is a tremendous “add-on” for Buffer. It connects to your Buffer account and will suggest articles and posts that are in your industry so those days of trying to find compelling content for your audience can be accomplished with intelligent suggestions that you can add to your buffer queue.


Growth Hacking:
We covered Product Hunt which is a community driven site that can help launch your site / product / app to stardom.

We also covered sites that will help you get your startup message out to the masses for little cost. Sites like StartupLister, and Betalist are well proven tools to get your message out there on blogs, tech sites and industry specific venues.


Also, check out this cool raspberry Pi kit that has a ton of features.

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