Random things that don’t suck #1

new-diet-tipsA weekly detailed list of things that don’t suck. This week we talk about Notion, Intermittent fasts, the amazing benefits of Sauna use (instead of sweating out shit we did this weekend) and Email marketing.

  1. Notion
    I just started playing with this app. It’s a lot of things. Project management, team management, tasks, file management. It does a pretty decent job at everything but doesn’t replace Slack or Salesforce or Basecamp. It is a great tool for a small business or startup that just needs simple. It also has a web client and a local app you can run on your mac natively.
  2. How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week (Includes Successful Templates, Code, Everything You Need)
    This is a little dated but somehow it slipped under my radar. Was a very compelling read and is a must read for anyone who is starting an online based enterprise of any size.
  3. How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity
    I use a Sauna several times a week and whenever I start feeling sick I’ll sit in one for an hour and “burn” away the sickness. Works 90% of the time every-time. There is, of course, a lot of science behind the health benefits of frequent sauna use. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is an amazing researcher and doesn’t play games with claims and sensationalist non-sense.
  4. How Intermittent Fasting Might Help You Live a Longer and Healthier Life
    I don’t put this stuff up without having some experience with it. This diet is excellent and I have seen real results from it. More focus, more energy and strangely enough a lack of hunger. I think it helps if you do this and also practice the Keto Diet (fat based, low carb diet) instead of a Carb based diet because you’ll suffer a lot of mood swings but there is a lot of new research into Intermittent fasts (IF) these days and it’s even being used for Cancer patients going into and out of Chemo.

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