Tim Ferris Show
A lot of you have probably read or heard of the Four Hour Work Week. It’s kind of a joke as even he doesn’t practice what he preaches┬ábut it start a wave of people leaving their 9-5 to do something exceptional or fail epic-ly. Regardless, his podcasts are well done and the people he interviews are related to the Entrepreneur lifestyle.

Startup Podcast
This is a new podcast staring Alex Blumberg from This American Life. Has potential. Will see if it persists.

Radio Lab (from WNYC)
A very tech-savvy podcast. From learning how to use electic probes (TDCS Transcranial Direct Cranial Stimulation) to learn how to be a better sniper to all sorts of weird stuff.

Kevin Rose (Creator of Digg and now a VC for Google Ventures) has a great podcast where he interviews everyone in Silicon Valley from Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) to Elon Musk. Really great show and I’ve found myself pausing an listening to them again to take notes.

Joe Rogan Experience
Some of his shows are just filthy comics being hilarious but there are also a lot of shows with various thought leaders, scientists, philosophers & journalists.


Do you have a podcast you love you want to share? Just comment below and we’ll check it out.

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