Denver Startup Week – Who’s doing what?


Who is going to DSW next week? What units are you attending? Anyone want to get together?

I’m down on my own so I’m happy to meet up with people but I don’t need carpool, if you comment here or get in touch with me I’ll help out as I can


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  • Doug Clayton

    What Days are you thinking about going down there? Are you staying overnight?

  • Bickerton

    Here are the events I am signed up for:

    * Monday: Sifting through the BS, Advise that really maters when you’re in the trenches of building a business: 3-4:30 @ Barokas Public Relations

    * Tuesday: From Lab to launch: Taking Ideas to Market: 3-4:30 @ CSU-Denver

    * Wednesday:

    * Growing your business the Colorado Way: Pursuing Passion vs Pursing Exit Strategy: 9-10:30 @ Ping Identity

    * Angel Investing 101: 11-12:30 @ Faegre Baker Daniels

    * Government Funding Sources for Startups: 1-2:30 @ CSU-Denver

    * Trademark Basics: What every small business should know now, not later: 5-6:30 @ UCD – Jake Jabs Center – 5th floor


    * Thursday: I’ll be home by then. But I would go to —–

    * Raising Capital in a new age of investment: Crowdfunding, general solicitation: 5-6:30 @ Fairfield & Woods PC

    * Friday: Doing well by doing good: 9-10:30 @ CSU – Denver

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