CTO Job opening @ Im Not At Work

If you are looking for work as a CTO this just might be for you! Located in Summit county, ImNotAtWork.com is a marketing website for restaurants and bars that answers questions like “Which restaurants near me are having specials right now?”​ “Where can I find live music tonight?”​ or “Is there an outdoor bar that would be great for Happy Hour today?”

For more information and link to the application go to: https://angel.co/i-m-not-at-work/jobs/81605-cto

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  • Mike Messeroff

    Hi Hayden – Thank you for posting this! Aaron is helping to spread the word but is not actually involved with the business. Anyone interested can apply with the link or email me for more information. Thanks! -Mike

    • Hayden Gitchell

      Hey Mike,
      Sorry about that miscommunication, I have updated the post. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. My email is Hayden@8150.co , Thanks!

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