8150 Shownotes From Thursday, January 8

Yesterday’s meeting was fully packed with a tech presentation from Jamie on NFC chips and a 777 from the founder of Columbian startup clothing design company A Tipico.

Jamie’s presentation explained the basic technology of NFC or Near Field Communication chips, and several of the ways passive chips are used today.  Only Android smartphones currently implement chips standard; Apple products have a ‘beam’ variation and are likely to feature similar technology in the future.

NFC chips are found in items like business cards, payment systems, and other devices such as video game components.  These chips can be programmed and used to automate tasks such as opening apps, all by touching the chip embedded in any various item to ones smartphone.

The founder of A Tipico set out to design affordable and practical clothing that also carries a message.  The A Tipico line features high contrast patterns on exclusive clothing at a practical price point.

The designs are meant to convey the meaning behind identity.  The group had ample ideas for promoting the clothing.  One input was that the area in Columbia where sales will take place is a popular tourist destination, full of potentially high spenders who are likely to be interested in the exclusiveness of the A Tipico line.  Setting up a show room is now a priority for the talented fashion designer-entrepreneur.

We look forward to next week’s meeting at 5:30pm Thursday.



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