8150 Show Notes from Thursday, September 18

To start yesterday’s 8150 meeting we discussed a few important dates to take into account.


October 9-11 : Startup Weekend @ Montrose.

Ticket prices are $60 for just about everything. You can purchase yours @ http://www.up.co/communities/usa/western-colorado/startup-weekend/7003

September 22: 8150 Pitch to Avon Town Council

This upcoming Tuesday 8150 will be pitching to Avon Town Council for money to fund our very own Startup Weekend! Come show your support if you have the time to stop by!

September 28 – October 2: Denver Startup Week.

This event is the structure and vision that 8150 itself has been shaped around. Brad Feld, writer of Startup Communities and owner of Boulder based company tech-stars, will be speaking on Tuesday, September 9th. To attend that specific presentation register here; http://www.denverstartupweek.org/schedule/1429-brad-and-sean-s-excellent-canadian-adventure . Registration and a schedule of events for the rest of the weeks activities can be accessed @ http://www.denverstartupweek.org/ . The 8150 “meeting” for that Thursday will take place in Denver.


Moving forward, Brad presented the 8150 draft pitch for the Avon Town Council. This proposal that can be no longer that five minutes was discussed as a group as we added some questions and comments. After this quick tune up, the meeting shifted its focus to Steve and his 777 pitch (seven slides, seven minutes, seven minutes of feedback).

Steve’s idea came to him while sitting purgatory, bored on a chairlift. He wanted to design a game that combines universal trail maps with the interaction of something like monopoly. After brainstorming, Steve has created the game “Huck the Mountain”. The pitch was a good time for us to all understand the idea and a valuable chance to for Steve to collect feedback. The next step?.. Time to play the game!


Doug then presented an informational segment about what certain companies did to perpetuate themselves while starting up. Some main takeaways from that presentation are as follows:

“-Use Visual marketing methods (videos, stickers, swag) over text ads
-Don’t let your site be a ghost town. Fake it till you make it. If you can’t fake it then hold parties where people have to install the app or incentivize people to sign up. More points / value for referrals
-Plunder your competitors. Just make sure that your service is better and you keep your message simple and to the point.
-Focus Local over national.”

We wrapped up the meeting per usual with questions and time for everyone to catch up individually!

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