Suffer the pain of Discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

We talk about Motivations a lot. Too much and we neglect the real driver of progress: Discipline. It’s easy to hear some cool quote about getting things done but then we lose our focus, forget the quote or throw it on the fridge and mediocracy resumes. Discipline is the real power you need to tap into. Discipline resonates as patterns and systems. Here is a decent list of resources to keep you focused. Realize that unless you win the lottery you have to work to get ahead. There are no shortcuts. Note: a lot of these are podcasts which are fantastic mediums to relay knowledge. I really enjoy Tim Ferris’s podcasts. Some are articles.


Videos, etc…

and Finally…learn to meditate. It’s not just for Yogi’s and girls in clipart.

**We’ll keep adding to this list. If you have something to add send it to me directly.


Doug Clayton

Co-founder of, self-proclaimed generalist. He runs a small web/app development firm in the Vail Valley. He rants on the choice minimal lifestyle and the Zen of things and is always trying out new nootropics to try to find the secret "Limitless" formula.

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