Vail Valley Bloggers – Brad Bickerton –


If you blog in the Vail Valley we would like to hear from  you. We want to know what you have to say on any topic surrounding our small business community.

For instance, I blog at – It is a hodge-podge of personal stories and insights usually having some underlying business principal. Please check out my site, subscribe if you want and help get hte word out that Vail is full of people who are more than ski bums (whatever their economic condition) and are though leaders and executionists.


On my blog – I write about a variety of topics. My latest blog is about this organization. First, I like the topic, Second, “people” tell me that links are important.

Here is my favorite blog topic: Definition of Success


Topics for Brown-Bag Lunches

What do people want to learn about in a 20 min lunch session? 8150 is going to start having group lunches. We know you are busy at work or doing important things but once every two weeks we want to get a local restaurant to give us a good deal and we’ll meet at the Vail Leadership Institute conference room and discuss some interesting topics. We also want to hear from you about what you are doing and what your hurdles are being an entrepreneur in the Valley.

We have people who are willing to speak on:

  • Building your first website;
  • WordPress and other CMS’s;
  • Apps and your idea for a ‘great’ app;
    Social Media strategies for everyone;
  • Business Attorneys;
  • Book-keeping and financial;
  • Disaster management;
  • Local Vail Valley Government.

Any thoughts please comment below or come out to one of our mixers.