Checkout this editorial about PowerPoint Pitches

An editorial at the Washington Post argues that Microsoft PowerPoint is being relied upon by too many to do too much, and we should start working to get rid of it. “Its slides are oversimplified, and bullet points omit the complexities of nearly any issue. The slides are designed to skip the learning process, which — when it works — involves dialogue, eye-to-eye contact and discussions. Of course PowerPoint has merits — it can help businesses with their sales pitches or let teachers introduce technology into the classroom. But instead of being used as a means for a dynamic engagement, it has become a poor substitute for longer, well-thought-out briefings and technical reports. It has become a crutch.”

Phil Struve

Phil has 35 years of experience in drinking beer in driveway at home. He lives in his garage, the domain he truly can control. He has held executive positions in Knights of Despair, a snowplow enthusiast organization. Phil applies innovative teaming techniques and measurement programs to insure the his snowplow is always ready to roll. He is a hands-on drinker who provides misguided direction direction and follower skills to keep life as simple as possible. When Phil could hold a job, he always remained as an entry level employee. For the last ten years, he has been successful participating in the local welfare system and has not had to show up to work. He is well know in his neighborhood for always being available to "pop a few", morning, noon and night. His education includes completion of three years of vocational school and advanced snowplow from the Glenwood Springs John Deere dealership. In addition, Phil has earned a Certificate from the School of Hard Knocks. He is currently enrolled in the self improvement education program from the Church of the Feeling Really Good.

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